Top benefits of SHANGXU's Digital Signage system

Top benefits of SHANGXU's Digital Signage system

Are you getting tired of frequently updating and distributing your printed marketing content? You are not alone. Businesses are already turning to digital advertising for the flexibility and convenience that it offers. You don’t have to needlessly spend so much time and effort and to pay a lot in order to spread awareness about your brand and educate your customers with your latest products and services. SHANGXU's Digital Signage system helps you reach your customers on the spot and cross sell your products and services while keeping your customers entertained and engaged. Here are some of the main benefits of the system:

Grab your customers' attention

SHANGXU's digital signage solution allows you to create eye-catching content and to display it on the digital screens that are distributed across your branches. Rich media such as HD images, scrolling text and video can be displayed on the screens for your waiting customers. Unlike the old-fashioned printed ads, the digital signage ensures that your advertisements and other promotional and educational content are actually seen by your customers.

Centralize your content

Managing your content can be a lengthy and tiresome process. With the digital signage system, you can easily prepare all your content and designs from a central location and send it instantly to all your branches. This way you can save your time and effort and reduce the cost of preparing and printing and distributing your material physically to the branches. Regular updates for your content can never be made any easier.

Reduce costs

The digital signage system is a great cash saver. Instead of spending huge amounts of money to print new material whenever you launch a new service or product, you can easily update your digital content without any additional costs.

Interact with your customers

SHANGXU's digital signage system is a two-way communication platform. The system allows your customers to interact with your screens via touch capability or by waving their hands over the screens, which would entertain your customers and get them more engaged with your business.

Increase sales

As your customers wait in your branches to be served, this is a great opportunity for you to advertise and sell your services and products. The system allows you to deliver instantly updated marketing material to customers and to educate them about your latest products and services, which allows for cross selling and therefore more revenues.

Target your customers

With SHANGXU's digital signage system, not only can you display interactive and catchy content for your customers, but you can also decide which advertisements and content to display at that moment based on the type of the customers present in the branch. The system can identify the customers' segments and the products and services that are of interest to them, and then it displays advertisements on the screens accordingly. This serves as a great way to increase your sales and your profits further.

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