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Queue Management is becoming the norm

Being able to measure KPIs (key performance indicators), such as waiting times and transaction times, is also becoming standard practice.

These days, customers don’t want to stand in line.

They want excellent service, and they expect some form of queue management. And why not? Your competitors are working hard to improve their customers’ experience, so why shouldn’t you?

So if you want to manage your customer flows, eliminate queues and measure your KPIs, you should look at our queue management system.

How does Queuing System works?

As soon as the customers walk into your office or shop, they select the service they want on a touch screen kiosk and take a ticket. They can see how their ticket number is progressing on an LCD screen, alongside any adverts or other messages you may want to show.

Staff can see what services the customers are waiting for, and can call the ones they are best qualified to serve. With the identification function in our Customer Visit Management System, the advisors can see who the customers are, even before they walk up to the counter.

When the advisor calls the customer, their number is shown on an LCD screen above the service counter. A voice function helps making it obvious for the customers where to go.

The system automatically tracks the customer volumes, waiting times and transaction times. It is all linked to the business intelligence within CVM.

Key Benefit